Fashion and Documentary Film: A Love Affair

The September Issue

Over the past few years I’ve noticed a growing trend of documentary films focusing on the usually secretive fashion industry. For me For obvious reasons, I find them far more interestingly then any fictionalized stories about fashion and thankfully some of the most revered fashion institutions like Vogue, YSL and Chanel have allowed a camera to document their stories. I’ve skimmed the surface of some of the many fashion documentary films that exist.  There are tons of fashion documentary films hidden on YouTube.

Bill Cunningham New York 

Yves Saint Laurent – L’amour fou 

Valentino: The Last Emperor 

Unzipped: In my opinion this is the classic fashion documentary film. Watch the whole film on Youtube.

Catwalk: You can watch the entire film on YouTube.

Signe Chanel gives a look into the inner workings of the House of Chanel. From what I understand this was a five part television docuseries that aired in Europe. I highly recommend watching this for Lagerfeld alone.


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