Love and Fro Tidbits

Gathered from the worldwide web, here are a few stories I found interesting, funny or particularly annoying.


So Kanye really is serious about this fashion line, isn’t he? And its womenswear too! – The Fashion Bomb Daily 

King Bey delivers with another great photo shoot. – Complex

Its really not necessary Lil’ Wayne. – XXL Magazine

Jay – Z explains why he uses Biggie lyrics in his music … some people find it problematic – RapRadar 

Do people still watch Project Runway? If so, do they care about this? – Gawker 

I do not understand this obsession with Pippa. I do not. – This is Gloucestershire

I think I’m one of the few black fashion bloggers who doesn’t like Solange’s style choices. She misses more than she hits. – Go Fug Yourself

This phone hacking scandal is a gift that keeps on giving! – Dlisted 

Two people whom you have never met and probably don’t care about have decided to get a divorce. Let the rumours begin! – People

As expected, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 made a lot of money this weekend – Forbes 

I’m just going to link to this because classy people don’t comment on Jersey Shore; they just watch in amazement and wonder.  Enjoy. – Gawker






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