Tell us how you really feel Azzedine!

You really have to admire Azzedine Alaia. Not only is he a great designer, he turned down one of the most coveted jobs in fashion (can you blame him?), and did not mince words when speaking about two of fashion’s biggest figures: Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Wintour. On Karl Lagerfeld: “Happily, women love me and buy […]

THE SPREAD: Behind the Muses, W Magazine June/July 2011

For its June/July 2011 issue W Magazine gathered and photographed  ten designers and the musicians who inspire them. Deborah Harry, lead singer of the iconic group Blondie, wrote an accompanying article on the relationship between fashion and music.  Rock ’n’ roll started out with music being the total thing. It wasn’t what it’s evolved into now, where […]

Fashion and Documentary Film: A Love Affair

The September Issue Over the past few years I’ve noticed a growing trend of documentary films focusing on the usually secretive fashion industry. For me For obvious reasons, I find them far more interestingly then any fictionalized stories about fashion and thankfully some of the most revered fashion institutions like Vogue, YSL and Chanel have allowed a […]