THE SPREAD: Behind the Muses, W Magazine June/July 2011

For its June/July 2011 issue W Magazine gathered and photographed  ten designers and the musicians who inspire them. Deborah Harry, lead singer of the iconic group Blondie, wrote an accompanying article on the relationship between fashion and music.

 Rock ’n’ roll started out with music being the total thing. It wasn’t what it’s evolved into now, where the visual presentation is so important. Now it’s pretty grandiose. The women are actually showgirls who do music. They might hate me for saying so, but they are definitely produced. I’m sure they make their own choices about what they like to wear, but they are packaged. Our style was more self-contained, not applied by an outside machine. But we didn’t have the Internet, so we didn’t have to worry about being overexposed.

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Esperanza Spalding and Franciso Costa


M.I.A. and Donatella Versace


Diplo and Alexander Wang


Kanye West and Rodarte

This is not a very good photo of Kanye …

Yoko Ono and Proenza Schouler




Fashion and Documentary Film: A Love Affair

The September Issue

Over the past few years I’ve noticed a growing trend of documentary films focusing on the usually secretive fashion industry. For me For obvious reasons, I find them far more interestingly then any fictionalized stories about fashion and thankfully some of the most revered fashion institutions like Vogue, YSL and Chanel have allowed a camera to document their stories. I’ve skimmed the surface of some of the many fashion documentary films that exist.  There are tons of fashion documentary films hidden on YouTube.

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THE SOUND: Playlist for the summer

I think every artist these days vies for the Song of the Summer. You know, that inescapable song that appears in June and is played every five minutes until the end of August. At first you might enjoy it but by the end of the summer it sounds like nails on a chalk board. Arguably the songs of last summer were California Gurls by Katy Perry featuring Snoop Dogg,  Airplanes by B.O.B featuring Hayley Williams and Love the Way You Lie by Eminem featuring Rihanna.

So far I haven’t heard any strong contenders for the song of the summer but I thought I’d make a playlist of songs to start the summer with. I’ll be adding more as the summer goes on.

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W Magazine’s Edward Enninful speaks on the magazine, his career and racism in the industry

Edward Enninful

Edward Enninful has the career must people  including myself, dream of. Since the age of 16 he has been working in the fashion industry, first as a model and then at the age of 18 as the Fashion Director at I.D. Magazine. Since then he has been a contributing editor to U.S. Vogue and a contributing editor to Vogue Italia. He played a big role in Vogue Italia first all black issue. He had a blink or you’ll miss it cameo in The September Issue. Until I did some research (a Google search), I didn’t know he was involved in some of my favourite fashion images and editorials. Currently Enninful is now the Fashion and Style Director at W Magazine. He recently spoke with Huffington Post Style Director Hilary Moss about his career, his new position at W Magazine, and  racism in the industry.

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Gucci sued for $5 million in Racial Discrimination Lawsuit

From The Cut: 


Former Gucci employee Josephine Robinson has sued the label for $5 million in damages after she was allegedly fired for complaining about racist remarks she endured while working there as a tax lawyer. Robinson’s suit also states that Gucci’s international tax counsel Stan Sherwood (her former boss) ordered her to reduce Rihanna’s payment for her Gucci Tattoo Heart ad campaign when he found out the singer wasn’t a U.S. resident. According to court documents, “When Sherwood discovered that Rihanna was from a Caribbean island, he told Robinson to ‘tax the hell out of her’ and find a way to allow Gucci to withhold 30 percent of her fee.” A Gucci spokeswoman called the accusations “baseless.”

Ironically enough (or funnily enough depending on how you want to view it), African American model Joan Smalls stars in Gucci’s Spring 2011 ad campaign.